We Are the Future of Space Exploration

We believe the greatest scientific advancements begin with global cooperation. Our mission is to foster international partnership and communication to explore the vast, mysterious, and previously untouched reaches of space. In 1990, under the Japan-U.S. Leadership Council, our company was founded to promote the shared use and knowledge of science and technology in the realm of space exploration.

In addition to facilitating collaboration between the United States and Japan for many years, we pride ourselves on opening a dialogue on research and policy as it relates to the global space race. We are a group of scientists, businessman, government officials, students and teachers united by our fascination in space and all the secrets in promises to reveal. Through the years we have pioneers new programs related to satellite communications, launch systems, and technology to implement human and robotic missions to the Moon, Mars and areas beyond.

Some of our most notable advances are directly a result of the connection forged between the United States and Japan. We have created the first trans-Pacific high data rate bridge between the countries and have collaborated on experiments on the U.S. Space Shuttle to test products in a zero-G environment. Together we have established protocols in the Asia-Pacific Region to handle potential disasters. In addition, to promote further education and the sharing of knowledge, we have established an annual University Space Systems Symposium. The symposium is a means to mentor the next generation of scientists and entrepreneurs who will further space research.

We have only just begun to scratch the surface of the immensity of space. While competition between countries has been the trend of the past, combining the resources of multiple countries has proven more effective in discovering new technology and pioneering future space missions. We firmly believe the accord between the United States and Japan, and the efforts of all involved in our research and development, is instrumental in the advancements we have made since our inception in 1990. We hope to continue this cooperation and inspire others to take up the mantle and push even further into the depths of space.